Ashwin Metals manufactures variety of Rivets. Material used for rivets are Stainless Steel MS , Aluminum, Copper, Brass and recently SS304 have also been started. Secondary operations like stress relieving, annealing, hardening, induction hardening, electro plating and phosphate coating are possible as per requirements.

The rivets are of following types-

  • Round Head Rivets
  • Snap Head Rivets
  • Flat Head Rivets
  • Countersunk Head Rivets
  • Step Rivets
  • Semi tubular (Semi hollow) Rivets


Round Head Rivet, Snap Head Rivet, Flat Head Rivet, Countersunk Head Rivet, Step Rivet, Semi Tubular (Hollow) Rivet.

The sizes above 25 mm(1”) can be supplied by hot forging. We have in house facility for cold forging as well as hot forging (Up to 32 mm shank dia. And 500 mm length). Extra large head rivets are possible to manufacture on multi station cold formers.